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Ahmad Izza Muttaqin


The heyday of Islam with the rapid growth of Islamic culture,
marked by the growing breadth of Islamic educational institutions
and formal madrassas and universities in various Islamic cultural
center. History records, progress in science Islam classical era
reached its peak at the time of the Abbasid caliphs, especially during
Al Ma'mun. Advances in science prickly, may imply progress in the
field of education. This means that at the time of Islamic education
is progressing covers various fields of science, both religion and
science general science. Thullab word is the plural of Talib said. This
word comes from the Arabic language is thalaba, yathlubu,
thalaban, thalibun which means people are looking for something.
Students or al Talib is a man who has has the ability to choose the
path of life, find what is judged good, trying to get the knowledge and
earnest in looking for it. Student life can be seen in terms of their
daily activities in the process of gaining knowledge. Their lives in
getting science experienced with various activities, among others:
Activities Learning Directly With Sheikh, arguing Activity As an
intellectual exercise, Rihlah Scientific Activities.


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