Impelementasi Manajemen Humas Dalam Mewujudkan Visi Misi Lembaga Di SMP Plus Al Mubarak

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Umar Hasibulah


Management is a something that is very important for the success
of an organization. In fact the core of the management is how to
manage and take advantage of all available resources effectively
and efficiently to achieve success as expected. SMP Plus Al
Mubarak As an educational institution has succeeded in realizing the
vision and mission very well. One proof is the students who enroll
each year exceeds the amount that has been targeted. The younger
generation is educated, or at least affected and receive raw
paradigm (worldview) modernization of Europe that led to the
westernization (Westernization) which deprive the roots of the
scientific tradition and civilization of the East that have a correlation
integral Islamic civilization. So in such conditions Said Nursi
emerged with its own ideas as an alternative solution to restore
civilization of the Turks with the concept of education. For that
urgency and relevance of integrating the three major elements of
education in modern times can not be negotiable, scientists today
should deepen science and religion as well as the scholars must
also develop the science of modern science and technology with a
bandage Qur'anic morality. Education must prioritize and integrate
three main values, namely: spirituality, intellect and morality as well.
With so then education becomes a decisive aspect for the progress
of human civilization.


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