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Muhammad Amir Mahmud


Library is one means a place to get information.Today many
libraries are still not maximized utilization. This is due to several
factors, including the old paradigm that sees the library just as "barn
book". Another factor is the lack of knowledge about good library
management, lack of interest in reading, limited library collections,
lack of facilities and supporting infrastructure, and so forth. The
above conditions also appear in the library that are in boarding
school. Although general awareness in Indonesian pesantren
education institutions about the significance of libraries have started
to grow, but generally the management of the boarding school
libraries are still not maximized. Pondok Pesantren
Darussalam, Blokagung, Tegalsari, Banyuwangi regency as the
oldest boarding school inBanyuwangi and one of the largest
in Banyuwangi, the number of students more than 5500 people,
boarding can be a model for other boarding institution. To improve
the quality and speed of access libraries library services should be
conducted library training management and implementation of
library services and materials based library automation and
digital. The training given to the librarian about library management
system followed by the application of library automation
services. The result has been based on library services and digital
automation systems that facilitate services to benefit the library and
librarians, libraries and library users.


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