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Amir Mahmud


Humans can survive on the results of utilizing the natural
resources around him. Animals, plants, air, water, minerals,
everything in the universe is taken advantage to meet the needs
of human life. Disaster after the cause of global warming. Nitrous
oxide is produced by vehicle and industrial emissions, while
methane emissions are caused by industrial and agricultural
activities. The environmental damage caused by human
intervention in order to take advantage of nature to make ends
meet. But in exploiting the human nature often do not pay
attention to the balance of natural ecosystems so that the original
harmony be shaken. It is characterized by the loss of one or more
consumers in certain trophic levels resulting population of certain
species becomes abundant and others missing. Besides the
environmental damage in this case the forest is potentially
creating global warming caused by greenhouse gases in the form
of carbon dioxide gas (CO2) resulting from the burning of fossil
fuels and the use of CFCs. It is necessary for adaptation to the
new environment in order to survive. So maybe someday
humans and other organisms evolve to adapt or adjust to a new
environment where he lives. To prevent damage to the earth
necessary preventive measures friendly to the environment.


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