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Multazim Ahmadi


insemination is the reproductive process by incorporating
the most good quality sperm into the uterus. To sort out this
excellent sperm, the laboratory team who do the sorting. Sperm
with good quality, judging from the quantity, which concentrate
over 10 million per ml. Of 10 million per ml are prepared to get
the sperm actually qualified at least one million per ml. The
phenomenon of the birth of twins result of insemination happens
above shows that the current technology is progressing very
remarkable. And of course this is a fact that should be of concern
to Muslims about their legal status. Because indirect artificial
insemination and IVF can be negative when the insemination
process was carried out by men and women who do not have
valid marriage relationship by religion. So the authors looked at
the importance of the problem of artificial insemination and IVF
is peeled and discussed in this paper. While the Law of artificial
insemination and IVF process in tafsil as follows: if the semen
tube and inserted into the uterus of the woman is not married
then it is haraam. mani saved if the semen of husband and wife
but not how to remove it muhtaram then also haram. when
semen was deposited the semen of husband and wife and how
to remove it included muhraram and inserted into the womb of
his wife it is permissible.


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